What’s the strongest coffee?
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What’s the strongest coffee?

Whats the strongest coffee type in the world? Most of us love and can enjoy quality coffee during our day, whether with a home coffee machine or at workplaces by renting quality coffee machines, and while hanging out with relatives in a coffee shop.

Everyone likes their daily dose of coffee in a certain taste and style.

There are those who especially like the strong coffee, usually it is a Robusta coffee that has a more bitter taste and a higher caffeine level.

whats the strongest coffee

So, whats the strongest coffee? What is a strong coffee?

Nowadays, coffee has become a basic commodity for most of us, whether at home with a home coffee machine or at work in offices that benefit from coffee machine rental services and also in coffee shops, but do we know where coffee comes from?

The coffee plant is a tree that grows fruit.

Inside the fruit the beans grow, these beans are picked and roasted, then the beans are marketed as they are or after being ground.

As we mentioned, strong coffee is usually made with Robusta beans, which have a particularly bitter taste and contain 50% more caffeine than Arabica coffee beans.

Many companies in the world compete with each other to be considered the strongest coffee in the world, they search all over the world for the best crops and farming techniques that produce tastier beans.

Strong coffee comes from many countries in the world, but Robusta beans are grown mainly in Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, and India – in these countries the climate and type of soil affects the taste, strength and caffeine level of the coffee.

Caution – excessive caffeine level!!!

As we mentioned, lovers of strong coffee enjoy its bitter taste and its high caffeine level, sometimes when we enjoy the ease of making good coffee, we may overdo it and consume too much coffee, it is important to remember that too high a dose of caffeine can be dangerous.

Caffeine at normal levels helps maintain alertness, reduces fatigue and improves concentration and focus and generally allows us to ‘remain normal’ in our busy routines.

But consuming a high amount of caffeine can lead to insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, in extreme cases anxiety and mental confusion accompanied by palpitations can even develop The heart accelerates.

In even more extreme cases it is possible to get caffeine poisoning which has potentially dangerous and critical consequences for the body.

So how much caffeine can you consume? Studies show that an amount of up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day for adults is normal, this is about an amount of about four cups of ‘normal’ coffee, regarding coffee that is considered strong you can only consume one cup of coffee per day.

whats the strongest coffee
whats the strongest coffee?

What are the factors that affect the strength of coffee?

  • The type of coffee beans – as we mentioned the strongest coffee comes in Robusta coffee beans which have a bitter and sometimes spicy taste.
  • Coarse or fine grinding – the finer the grinding, the more the taste and strength of the coffee will be preserved. Also, pre-grinding or grinding on the spot may affect the taste as in the variety of home coffee machines or the use of coffee machine rentals, a richer coffee is one that is ground in a machine while it is being prepared.
  • Dark or light roasting – the darker and longer the roasting, the stronger the coffee flavor will be.
  • The brewing method – the ratio between the amount of coffee and the amount of water in the preparation of the coffee affects its taste, the more coffee and less water there is, the stronger the coffee will be and with a higher amount of caffeine.

Use of strong coffee in the coffee machine rental service:

Nowadays everyone can enjoy strong and rich coffee and not only in coffee shops as it was in the past, you can purchase quality capsules or coffee beans in order to get a very strong type of coffee.

At the same time it will be a bit difficult for most of us to enjoy very strong coffee as it has a much more bitter taste, therefore There is always the option of weakening it by adding water that balances its taste and dilutes the caffeine, milk or any kind of sweetener.

When using home coffee machines or companies that use the coffee machine rental service, it is advisable, in order to achieve a quality taste, to use mineral water and make sure to clean the machine after use.

Examples of companies that market extremely strong coffee:

If you use home coffee machines or a coffee machine rental service, you should know that there are companies that claim to have the strongest coffee, so for the brave among us, we have brought you several companies that market the strongest coffee!

In any case – you have been warned!

  • Killer Coffee – contains 645 milligrams of caffeine, made from Arabica coffee beans, mainly used as the strongest coffee in Australia, it is a dark blend that creates coffee with a smooth texture that goes well with milk.
  • BLACK INSOMNIA COFFEE – contains 702 milligrams of caffeine, made from robusta beans, this coffee can be found with a nutty and sweet flavor, the blends of robusta beans are from Rwanda, Guatemala, Brazilian and Ecuadorian.
  • Death Wish coffee – contains 728 milligrams of caffeine, made from Robusta beans. This coffee has twice the amount of caffeine than the average cup most of us drink, this coffee is organic and kosher.
  • BIOHAZARD – contains 928 milligrams of caffeine, made from dark roasted Robusta beans. It is also a chain of coffee shops that claim that their coffee is from a single source but they do not reveal where exactly, the case comes in whole or ground coffee beans.
  • Devil Mountian Coffee contains 1555 milligrams of caffeine, made from Robusta coffee beans. It is an organic coffee grown in California with less bitterness that characterizes the Robusta.
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