International Cappuccino Day
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International Cappuccino Day

November 8th is Cappuccino Day, celebrating the introduction of the fine drink into our lives.

The preparation method for it is always the same: espresso with hot, frothed milk.

Cappuccino made its way from Italy, and is the perfect partner for almost any situation:

meeting with friends, pampering at a café, a winter’s day, on the way to work, on the morning of a vacation or in the afternoon on the balcony or in the yard.

Today there are various types of automatic coffee machines that allow you to enjoy the special drink even in the comfort of your home or office, and improve the quality of life and leisure culture significantly.

What is the origin of the name Cappuccino?

cappuccino day

Cappuccino Day allows us to celebrate the essence and meaning of a quality cup of coffee, and also acquire some knowledge and get to know the history of the hot, tasty and frothy drink.

This is the time to get acquainted, to ask where it all started and to find out how the famous drink in Italy and all over the world made its way into our lives.

What is the connection between monks and cappuccino?

One theory claims that the name Cappuccino came from the Capuchin monks.

This is a small order of monks, within the Catholic Church.

The Capuchin monks lived in Italy and dedicated their lives to missionary work and could always be counted on to help the poor.

They preferred a life of austerity, poverty and simplicity over any lifestyle.

Many believe that the origin of the name comes from a story about a certain monk in the order, who, during an attack by the Ottoman army, managed to unite all the Christian soldiers, so much so that they won the attack and caused the Turks to flee in shame.

It turns out that the Turks left behind Ottoman coffee whose taste did not satisfy the Christians.

They sweetened it with milk and honey and called it Cappuccino after the Capuchin Order.

Or maybe, came from Austria?

Other sources claim that cappuccino began in the 1700s in Austria in coffee shops called Cappucciner.

These cafes served coffee with cream, sugar and spices.

So we may not really know the origin of the name, but it is known that the cappuccino we know and love was invented in Italy, in 1900 more or less, after the espresso machines were invented.

Cappuccino in its modern version emerged into the world in the 1930s, but then there were no automatic coffee machines as we know them today, but very clumsy and complex espresso machines to operate.

They were not held at home or in the office, as is customary in the modern era, but only in special coffee shops and were operated by appropriately trained baristas.

But don’t worry, as you can see the technology on which the espresso machine is based has improved over time, so that the process of making cappuccino has been perfected, and the drink has become more and more popular in Italy and around the world.

Cappuccino Day: What’s the best way to celebrate it?

Cappuccino lovers throughout the country and the world will undoubtedly be happy to celebrate the special day, with the help of all kinds of fun activities that revolve around the excellent drink, which combines espresso with frothed milk.

If you are wondering what is the best way to mark the day, we have put together some nice ideas for you:

Go to a coffee shop and order a cappuccino

Go to the local coffee shop or your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to a cup of high-quality and fine cappuccino coffee!

Cappuccino is not like espresso, the goal is to drink it comfortably for a long time.

That’s why find a place inside the café or on the outdoors and take the time to really enjoy your coffee drink.

Invite a friend for a cappuccino

It’s always much more fun to celebrate when there are good friends around.

So call old friends or family members and offer them a cappuccino date at the end of the work day.

You can take advantage of the special day to meet new friends and invite a co-worker, a new neighbor or anyone you want, for a cup of fine coffee!

cappuccino day

Make yourself a cappuccino at home

Automatic coffee machines have made our lives so much better! If you desire a cup of quality coffee, just buy yourself a coffee machine and make yourself at home.

There are different types of coffee machines in a wide price range, and the skill of making coffee is very simple and can upgrade your life and hospitality capabilities.

Spend time learning how to make a high quality cappuccino on cappuccino day

Of course, it’s not just that there are baristas who are artists in making the drink.

Therefore, learn all the tips and tricks that will improve your skill. It may take a little practice, but if you put in the time, you will definitely improve and thank yourself for it.

From the quality of the espresso, through the right tools to the perfect way to froth the milk, you will be surprised how many variables affect the quality and taste of your cappuccino and its frothy texture!

Learn more about the field

If you are a fan of the genre, you can dedicate the day to learning about all the experts who turn the preparation of reverse coffee into an art, namely the baristas.

Skilled baristas can make really beautiful creations with the coffee, and create really special samples.

You can look for them online, or go to a coffee shop whose name precedes it in the field.

And of course take pictures and share everything you did and the special way you chose to mark this day!

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